Fortius Software

The Tacx Fortius Software was original distributed with the Tacx iMagic and Fortius indoor trainers and provided Real Life Videos (RLV) and Virtual Reality (VR) world to cycle back in the early 2000s. Even though the software and trainer has been surpassed in terms of functionality and technology there are many users out there still using the Fortius software. To use the Fortius Software in Windows 7, Windows 8 or even on a Mac, it is best to create a Windows XP/Vista Virtual Machine, unless you have an old laptop or computer you can install Windows XP on.

Note: The Fortius Software only works on 32-bit operating systems

Fortius Installation

  1. Download the Fortius Software v2.02
  2. Burn the .ISO to a CD
  3. Install from the CD
  4. Install the Fortius v2.03 and Fortius v 2.04 patches

To create an Virtual Machine for your Fortius Software

VMWare Player virtual machine instructions
VirtualBox virtual machine instructions