Tacx TTS Hotfixes

As with all innovative and cutting edge technology there are bugs and issues. Most of these are remedied by keeping your operating system and applications up-to-date with the latest patches and version. Though sometimes particular fixes need to be applied.

The following hotfixes are provided with the kind permision of Tacx

For Tacx TTS v4.x Download
Tacx Real Life Videos (RLVs) not installing correctly in TTS v4.0+ (Instructions included) - 2.4Mb Fix / Alternative
TTS v4.8.1 Video Selection Hotfix for Microsoft Vista users only - 80Mb Fix / Alternative
TTS v4.8+ EVR Detector Hotfix - 15Mb Instructions
If you are experiencing issues running RLVs using the Video Player 2 in TTS and have the error : 0xC00D36FA in your TTS log files. Use this tool to register the EVR. Install and press 'Detect EVR', if EVR is not found press 'Register EVR'
Fix / Alternative