Training Plans

Training is important, not just to win races, but for endurance and strength. Be it road racing, track racing or long distance touring, so it is important to plan your training to suit your requirements.

Importantly, after every training session COOL DOWN - at minimum cool down by cycling for 10 minutes. Cool down speeds recovery and getting off the bike after a red line effort will cost you at some point next week.

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Conconi Test
Includes files for TTS (all versions) and Fortius (PGMF files), plus some Excel spreadsheets

The Century Ride PlanLunicus - Century_Plan01.pdf
Want to ride a 160km/100 miles, this plan will provide the basics to get you there!

Lunicus Indoor Training Session #1 Indoor Training Session 1
This session will push you fairly hard and should be ridden regularly to mark improvements. Though you may want to adjust the Watts according to your FTP.

Indoor Training Session 1