Old RLV TTS Files

The following files are for Tacx Real Life Videos that were produced for the iMagic and Fortius before the TTS (Tacx Training Software) application was available. These older RLVs used a .pgmf file to be recognised by the software, unfortunately TTS software does not work with these files and a substitute .TTS file is required. We do not promote the use of illegal copies of RLVs, you must own the DVD.

To use a pre-TTS RLV you will need the RLV video located on the installation DVD. Follow the instructions located in the download file.

  • If any of the .TTS files do not work, please email me. If you have any that are not listed, please email them so others can use them.
  • Tacx RLVs

    ID Name Tacx Name Tacx File Download
    T1956.01 Alpine Classic Marmotte - France FR_AlpineClassic FR_AlpineClassic T1956.01
    T1956.02 Mont Ventoux - France FR_Ventoux FR_Ventoux T1956.02
    T1956.03 Cycling around Capetown - South Africa SA_CapeTown SA_CapeTown T1956.03
    T1956.04 Tour of Flanders - Belgium Tour-of-Flanders Tour-of-Flanders T1956.04
    T1956.05 Iron Horse Classic - Colorado, USA US_Durango_Ouray US_Durango_Ouray T1956.05
    T1956.06 Passo del Gavia - Italy IT_Passo-Gavia IT_Passo-Gavia T1956.06a
    IT_PassoVivione IT_PassoVivione T1956.06b
    T1956.07 Aube Valley Ride - France FR_Aube-Valley FR_Aube-Valley T1956.07
    T1956.08 Milan San Remo - Italy IT_Milan-SanRemo IT_Milan-SanRemo T1956.08
    T1956.09 Heart of Evergreen - Colorado, USA US_Evergreen US_Evergreen T1956.09
    T1956.10 Namur to Revin - Belgium/France BE_Namur-Revin BE_Namur-Revin T1956.10
    T1956.11 Mallorca Tour - Spain ES_MajorcaTour ES_MajorcaTour T1956.11
        ES_MajorcaDemo ED_MajorcaDemo Demo
    T1956.12 Amstel Gold Race - Netherlands NL_Amstel-Gold05 NL_Amstel-Gold05 T1956.12
    T1956.13 Lombardy Tour - Italy IT_Lombardy IT_Lombardy T1956.13
    T1956.14 The Pyrenees Stage HD - France FR_PyreneesStage FR_PyreneesStage T1956.14
    T1956.15 Ardennes HD - Belgium BE_MTB-Ardennes BE_MTB-Ardennes T1956.15a
    FR_Col-d-Aspin FR_Col-d-Aspin T1956.15b
    T1956.16 The Grossglockner - Austria AU_Grossglockner AU_Grossglockner T1956.16
    T1956.17 Giro del Mortirolo - Italy IT_GiroMortirolo IT_GiroMortirolo T1956.17
    T1956.18 Alpine Classic 2007 - France FR_AlpineClas_07 FR_AlpineClas_07 T1956.18
    T1956.19 Giant of the Provence - France FR_Provence FR_Provence T1956.19
    T1956.20 Amstel Gold Race 2007 - Netherlands Amstel-Gold07 Amstel-Gold07 T1956.20
    T1956.21 Flanders Tour 2007 - Belgium B_FLanders2007 B_FLanders2007 T1956.21
    T1956.22 The Green Heart Classic - Netherlands NL_Groene-Hart NL_Groene-Hart T1956.22
    T1956.23 The Argus Cycle Tour - South Africa SA_Argus-Tour SA_Argus-Tour T1956.23
    T1956.24 HD San Sebastian Classic ? ? ?
    T1957.01 Quelle Roth Challenge - Germany DE_Roth-Tri DE_Roth-Tri T1957.01
    T1957.02 Training with the Rabobank - Spain ES_Rabobank_Team ES_Rabobank_Team T1957.02
    T1957.03 Quelle Roth Challenge - Germany DE_Roth-Tri DE_Roth-Tri T1957.03

    3rd Party RLVs

    Country RLV Name RLV Name RLV Name RLV Name
    AT: Austria AT_Gerlitzen AT_Maltatal AT_Nockalm  
    AUS: Australia AUS_DevilsElbows AUS_MtBawBaw AUS_Macedon AUS_Westgate
    CH: Switzerland CH_Engandina CH_Gotthard CH_Klausen CH_Nufenen
    DE: Germany DE_Allgaeu DE_Dettenheim DE_Dobel DE_Dreilandersee
    DE_Emsland DE_Gondelsheim DE_Rheine DE_Schafberg
    DE_Schindelberg DE_Stuttgart DE_Turmberg DE_Wiesbaden
    DK: Denmark DK_Hoejen DK_Taulov1 DK_Taulov2 DK_Taulov3
    ED: Spain ES_Agnoasel ES_Homenaje ES_La_Sierra3 ES_LagosCovadonga
    ES_Locubin ES_Orient ES_Pandera  
    FR: France FR_AlpedHuez FR_Alsace FR_Bavella FR_Provence
    FR_Restonica FR_Tourmalet FR_Troisballons1 FR_Troisballons2
    FR_Troisballons3 FR_Troisballons4 FR_Verde FR_Vergio
    IS: Iceland IS_Thingvellir      
    IT: Italy IT_LagoDiComo      
    JP: Japan JP_Aso_San      
    NL: Netherlands NL_Posbank NL_Salland    
    NO: Norway NO_Aardalrundt NO_Aardal-Song NO_Baerumsrunden NO_Bergensbanen
    NO_Brekke NO_Gildetun NO_Gimsoy NO_Lakselvdal
    NO_Nordbygda NO_Nordkapp NO_Sagelv NO_Song-Aardal
    PL: Poland PL_Dolny_Slask      
    UK: United Kingdom UK_Goodwood