Why Tour?

There is no better way to travel than from the seat of a bicycle, fast enough to get somewhere and slow enough to admire the details along the way. On your bicycle you are free!

You can ride where you like and stop where you like, knowing that you don't have to rely on transport to reach the next town or worry about missing your connections. Touring by bicycle has become one of the most satisfying ways to escape the normality of life and provide oneself with total control over their route and destination. Whether the destination is a hotel in the mountains or a make-shift campsite down some beaten track in North Africa. The decision is yours and yours alone, no deadlines other than those you dictate yourself, no 'should have seen that', you can change your route mid-way to see that sight or stay another day in some remote beauty spot.

Above all, it's the sense of achievement that greets you at the top of every climb or at the end of a hard days cycling having cycled alongside camels or some winding track beside a small river. Whatever you goal, cycling offers a level of flexibility and experiences that other modes of travel don't offer. Go by car and you'll miss those hidden gems and subtle experiences, hitch hike and your constrained by your route, fly and you miss everything and simple emerge in another city without seeing the in-between parts.

Whether you go for a day trip or a world adventure, alone or with friends or family, take the kitchen sink or stay in hotels, it will be an adventure. Don't be put off by planning every single detail, like most things the first step is the most difficult, but it shouldn't be daunting. Remember you can't plan for every eventuality

Experience and equipment are helpful, but by no means required. Many a cyclist has pedalled off into the sunset with neither. Anne Mustoe started her first solo around the world trip without a tent or even the knowledge of how to repair a puncture. Not to mention that she was retired and unfit too!

Training can be done on the road, as long as you're willing to take it slowly at first. In the end the best preparation is to get out there and cycle,. Once you're on the road, things have a habit of falling into place quite quickly.